Monday, April 25, 2011

Ella has the Chicken Pox!

Ella has her first illness, and honestly, it's not too bad. I don't know where she got it from but Ella has the chicken pox.

On Friday she had a little red bump on the bridge of her nose which everyone thought was a pimple. Saturday she had a couple red bumps in her diaper area which I thought was just diaper rash. Then Sunday morning there were a ton more bumps in her diaper area, all down her leg, creeping up her back and in her neck. We weren't sure what it was, but we guessed chicken pox.

I called the doctor and he asked if her was cranky and had a fever. Not really. Ella is such a good baby. He said he didn't think it was chicken pox. We made an appointment for Monday morning anyway.

On Monday a different doctor looked at her and kept asking if we fed her something. Nope, just breastmilk. If we changed her laundry detergent. Nope, we've always used either Seventh Generation Free & Clear or ECOS Free & Clear. If we put clothes on her without washing them. Nope, we always wash her clothes in either 7th Gen or ecos and all her clothes are either organic cotton or organic wool. She said it didn't look like chicken pox to her and she would give us a prescription for Benadryl, and said we could bring her to the dermatologist if we wanted.

We asked for a second opinion. Ella's regualar doctor came in and said, "could be chicken pox." The woman doctor said, "but it's not presenting like chicken pox. Chicken pox usually appears on the torso." The doctor said have you been around anyoe who has gotten the chicken pox vaccine lately? That's right people. If you give your child the chicken pox vaccine your child could be contageous and give another child chicken pox! Worse your child can give someone shingles which is extremely painful and causes three times as many deaths as chicken pox! Check out Harmony Health and Wellness for some more disturbing information. The chicken pox vaccine puts other people at risk, such as 5 month old babies. Ridiculous, luckily it wasn't even that bad.

I told the doctor, I wanted it documented that she has had the chicken pox so it won't be a problem when I don't want to vaccinate her later. So they wrote me a referral to go to a clinic. Poor baby Ella had her blood drawn for the test.

On Tuesday she started to get really cranky and her little red bumped started to become big puss filed bumps. Yuck. I really didn'y want to give her benadryl so we gave her an oatmeal bath instead.

It made her a lot happier, and she was able to take along nap :)

So, I have no idea where Ella got the chicken pox from. but thankfully she is finally getting over it. But this visit is making me think that doctors are pretty useless for all their "training" and high cost. It seems all the pediatrician does is look at her height, weight and head circumference and ask if she is developing well which is would know just by reading What to Expect: the First Year. If there are any problems their either prescribe something or tell us to go to the hospital or a specialist. I'm getting a little annoyed.


  1. oh its very bad and painful for baby....

    Smith Alan

    1. people like you who don't immunize your children are the reason that other children get violently sick!

  2. My 3 month old has caught the chicken pox from my 5 year old and she has stopped sleeping properly at night... I have never had them and I am 24 and worried incase I catch them...when I phoned the doctor about my baby having them and if I could catch them she didn't bother to check my baby over (who also has colic, acid reflux and is teething)...she just said I will be nxt to get them and that was that...I would have preffered her to check my baby to make sure it was defo the chicken pox...I find doctors very useless sometimes

  3. Poor baby Ella! Babies and toddlers getting the chicken pox is a cause for worry, although it is common. The rash is the cause of discomfort but it won’t cause any permanent scarring because their tissue is still resilient. The thing you need to watch out for is a high fever, especially if it doesn’t start receding after a while. So, if you think your baby is getting worse or has trouble breathing in any way, go immediately back to your doctor.

    Logan Rojas

  4. Weird comment about "people who don't vaccinate are the reason other children are sick". The article sort of highlighted the fact that children who receive vaccines are contagious. Did you not see that? If you are vaccinated, then why would you worry about it? Hmmm.