Monday, April 11, 2011

Rag Rug

We have beautiful wood floors in our Living Room/ PlayRoom/ Dinning Room. However, if we drop anything on the floor or if Liam and Bill are wrestling to loudly it is very loud downstairs. We can't afford a lovely wool rug, and I don't want to put down a plastic VOC leaching rug so I decided to make a rag rug. I don't really have any rags, except for Bill's black T-shirts (which really wouldn't match our room). So I went out and bought 6 yards of 36" wide unbleached muslin.
Liam was really excited by how long it was so we made a circle for him to march around :)

Ella watched while I cut the muslin in half so I have 2 sets of 3 yards by 36".

Then I cut it in half again so I have 4 sets of 3 yards by 18"

Then I cut it in half so I have 8 sets of 3 yards by 9"

Liam practiced balance beam walking when I folded it in 3.
Finally I cut it in 3, so I have 24 strips of 3 yards my 3".

Now I'm ready to start braiding.

First, I take 3 strips and tie a knot at one end.

Then I do a standard 3 strand braid.

When I get to the end of the 3 yards. I have to splice another 3 yards onto the end of my rope.

First, I cut a hole in the end of each of the strands on my rope.

Then, I cut a hole in the end of each of the new strands.

Then I push the new strand throught the hole in the old strand.

Then I loop the new strand around and push it through the hole in it'self.

Then I pull it tight.

I do this three times and I'm ready to keep braiding!
I haven't figured out yet how to keep the ends from poking out where they are spliced.

So, I finished the 6 yards then I bought another 5 yards and added it on using the same method. I have tons of rope!

Originally I had planned for Liam and I to do this project together. At first he helped then he got bored. Maybe if he was a little older and/or more focused he would be more help. Still, I think it's good for him to watch me make something. Although he'd rather use the rope to go mountain climbing than make it into a rug :D

When I start sewing it into a rug I'll write another post.

Good Luck!

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