Monday, February 7, 2011


I have been buying a lot of organic baby things off of ebay lately. I bought a miYim chicken rattle for only $4 (amazon sells t for $10.50).

I'm not 100% happy with it because it's way too big for my 3 month old to hold. I put her entire fist through it, but as she gets older I'm sure she'll love it. Still, I love that it's made of super soft organic cotton velor and stuffed with organic cotton as well. It's surprisingly hard though, not squishy (not compressible) but the beak, wings and tail aren't stuffed so they will be great for chewing on as she gets older.

From the same store I bought her an organic cotton flannel blanket for $4 that Babies R Us sells for $10. I really happy with it. It's very big 30" x 40" so she'll be able to use it for a while.

Here's the best part. Neither of these things were listed on the woman's ebay store. She was selling two 3-6 month organic long sleeve onesies by Tadpole. I messaged her and said "I would like to buy your onesies. Do you have any other organic clothes or toys?" She responded yes and posted the rattle and blanket. I paid $8 plus $3 S&H and she sent me the two onesies for free!

Tadpoles onesies, by the way, are incredibly soft. However the neck opening is a little big. I know babies' heads are humongous but I worry about her shoulders getting cold in these!

I've bought a couple other things off of ebay. Like, organic Under the Nile Footed Pants for $4 (everything seems to be $4!) I bought them in pink and white. No S&H.

It's definitely something you should look into.

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