Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rota Virus Vaccine


Great information about why you shouldn't vaccinate.

So, Liam had his 4 year old check up and Elizabeth had her 2 month old check up yesterday. We are either going to delay vaccinating Elizabeth until she's at least 15 months or puberty, or not vaccinating. We haven't given her the Hep B shot, and today the doctor asked again if we are giving her the shot. We said no again. Then he said she should get the oral Rota Virus Vaccine. I haven't really looked into rota virus or the vaccine. I asked Bill and he said oh that's bad, you should give it to her, it's just oral. So, I did... I was kind of, I don't know if embarrassed is the right word, but that I didn't have the research and my Dr. was giving me a hard time about the Hep B.

I shouldn't have done it. Because when I got home I started looking up Rota Virus and the Vaccine and it turns out it's just really bad diarrhea hardly anyone who gets it dies or is even hospitalized. And it's contaminated with other viruses! It's worse then flu shot it's not very effective you can still get rota virus after you've been "immunized" and after you're 14 weeks they don't even bother giving it to you anymore. Just like the flue shot you might get rota virus from the vaccine. Worse if you get the shot you can give it to non-vaccinated kids! Great so now my baby is a danger to kids whose mom's didn't give in and let their baby get vaccinated. Plus it's a brand new vaccine it was still adding side effects in September 2010, so my baby is a guinea pig.

So, I'm sure you can tell I'm kind of upset and annoyed at myself. Well I'm definitely not going to give her any more doses of this vaccine, oral or not it's still bad. And we are definitely switching to a new Dr. his office if filled with samples and ads for formula, bottles, pedialyte with dye and fake sugar, and pro-vaccinating ads everywhere. My kids Dr. shouldn't make me feel guilty about my choices.  Well, in case you were wondering about the Rotavirus shot or vaccine. Here's some links I found.

The package inserts for the two kinds of rotavirus vaccine

FDA's info on rota virus and the vaccine
FDA's updates to the warning on the packaging labels

 MSN: Warning Twisting of intestines reported after babies recieved rotavirus shots

Rota Virus vaccine pulled off the market. Great quote by a dad who commented, "I’d rather that my kids get real immunity from the real flu than annual flu shots"

How is it that almost all children have had it by the time they are 3 if 70% of mothers don't even know about it. If your kid has an illness and you don't even notice it must not be too bad. always has great info about anything you want to know

Mom discussions about it


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